Apple stops development of Aperture

Apple’s statement provided to The Loop on Friday:

With the introduction of the new Photos app and iCloud Photo Library, enabling you to safely store all of your photos in iCloud and access them from anywhere, there will be no new development of Aperture,” said Apple in a statement provided to The Loop. “When Photos for OS X ships next year, users will be able to migrate their existing Aperture libraries to Photos for OS X

I was quite upset with this news on Friday. Like many Apple fans, I were hoping for an Aperture X or Aperture 4. I started learning more about photography last year and I have been lightly using Aperture and learning what it is capable of ever since. I will effectively stop doing this and resort to using iPhoto for OS X until the new Photos app is available early next year.

On one hand, I am thrilled about the new iCloud photo library coming to OS X and iOS. For years I have been looking for the best photo syncing and storage service for my computer and mobile devices. On the other hand, loosing an Apple Pro app is not good news, especially the way Apple is handling it. Currently there isn’t a notice about Aperture’s End-of-Life and the application is still available in the Mac App Store for $79. Adobe’s Lightroom is almost exclusively a subscription model if you want the mobile apps and cloud syncing service. At $10/mo it will get expensive very quickly compared to Aperture’s one-time purchase.

The Photos for OS X app will not be available until early next year and I am optimistic that Apple will bring some—if not most—of Aperture’s key features to the pro-sumer Photos app with it’s extended development time beyond OS X Yosemite’s release this fall.



The excellent Federico Viticci of MacStories:

A decade ago, with no iPhone, no mobile Internet, and no apps to help me along the way, I would have probably ended up risking my life trying to stop a car on the highway to ask for help at 1 AM. Yesterday, the iPhone allowed me to stay safe, call the police, and give them my exact position in a matter of seconds.

We all enjoy our phones and other tech toys every day. These devices can be used to solve problems and even save lives.